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Tips for Better Digestive Health



For some, digestive discomfort has become a way of life with complaints of embarrassing gas, bloating, heartburn and irregularity. Your digestive track, made up of a 30-foot tube, is responsible for breaking down the foods you eat into the nutrients you need. When your digestive system is not working properly, your health may suffer as well, because it’s not able to deliver the nutrients your body needs. There are steps you can take and foods you can eat to help improve your digestive health. Below are a few tips to help your digestive system function more efficiently and improving your overall health.

1. Chew your food. Digestion starts in your mouth where the enzymes in your saliva break down your food when you chew. The enzymes also break down bacteria. When you chew your food thoroughly, it makes it easier on your stomach to digest the food. You can help your digestive system by eating smaller amounts and more slowly.

2. Drink plenty of water. It’s always a good idea to drink plenty of water to maintain overall good health. However, water is also essential for normal bowel function. Water helps dissolve fats and soluble fiber keeping your stool soft and well-formed. Make sure to increase your fluid intake in hot weather or when you exercise to avoid dehydration.

3. Exercise regularly. Regular exercise increases blood flow to all your organs and helps speed up digestion. It keeps food moving through your digestive track and can reduce constipation. A simple walk can help you keep your digestive system healthy.

4. Eat more fiber. Having a diet with high-fiber can improve your digestive health. Fiber helps to keep food moving through your digestive track and keep you regular. It can also prevent various digestive problems, and can help you feel full. It’s important to eat both insoluble fiber and soluble fiber because they both help the digestive system in different ways. Remember to increase fiber slowly into your diet to prevent cramping or gas and drink plenty of water with your fiber.

Many of Americans suffer from poor digestive health. If you have occasional discomfort, you can use these simple solutions for many of your troubles. There are also over the counter remedies for the occasional flare ups. However, if you find these solutions are not helping or symptoms are getting worse, we at RedMed are here to help you understand your digestive health better.

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